Stimulate Students' Interest in Art Learning

In K-12 education, Art education helps students to express their feelings and perceive life through drawing, stimulate students' interest in art learning, and then develop their observational skills, imagination, creativity, and expressiveness. Digital brushes and canvases support various visual effects so that students can genuinely create and express their ideas and visions with ease We provide educational discount for school orders and ready to satisfy your customized needs.

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Professional Tools Taking Students to Professional Level

For higher education in illustration, animations, game design, 3D modeling, or photo editing, students need the XP-Pen professional graphics products to efficiently enhance visual learning and creation. Simplify your workload with XP-Pen's Artist series displays—work directly on your display to draw, edit, and color your work more efficiently than ever. Whether you're working in Photoshop®, Illustrator®, or one of many other supported software programs, XP-Pen tablets will save you time, simplify the process of sculpting, positioning, and texturing your models to reach new levels in your artwork. We are cooperating with schools to provide students educational discount and offer school bulk order discount.

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Boost Industrial Creative Power

Our wide product portfolio, from 4 inches mini tablets to 24 inches displays can satisfy all kinds of creation needs. XP-Pen’s extensive compatibility with devices and software, advanced performance, and ready-to-use design boost creative power in enterprises. Get more information about the Enterprise bulk purchase.

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